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F.A.Q. for protective actions

What software can i use for my computer security?

  • Anti-Virus, for protection against Virus, "worms", trojans & spyware.
  • Firewall, for denying access to unauthorized connections to your computer
  • Anti-Spam, for protection against SPAM mail.
  • Malware removal, for the removal of dangerous software
  • Parental Control, for controling and / or denying access to certain webpages with rated content fto your kids.

What does an Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware offer;

Functions of an Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware software:
Recognize and destroy any virus, worm, Trojan and spyware from your computer in
real time.
Provide comprehensive protection to your computer and have the ability to control:

  • Compressed files,
  • CD/DVD-ROMs, USB memory sticks, external hard disk drives etc
  • Internet downloads,
  • Downloads from P2P applications,
  • E-mails that have attached “password protected” ZIP files,
  • Old files that have been infected by virus,
  • encrypted e-mails,
  • malware signatures by automated update through internet.

They are easy to use via a 'friendly' to the user environment of the central 'console' management.

Offer different levels of protection for your computer.
Have predefined security profile

What does a Firewall offer;

A Firewall application offers:

  • Continuous monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic on any computer threats.
  • Updated in real time for all the efforts interception.
  • Automatically save and investigate threats.
  • Select different levels of protection for your computer.
  • Predefined security profiles
  • Continuous monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic on any computer threats.

What does an Anti-spam offer;

An Anti-spam application offers:

  • Filter correspondence (e-mails) for spam.
  • Identifying the types of messages that are annoying.
  • Adjusting volume filtering.
  • Storage option of spam e-mails in separate folders or self destruction them.
  • Creating a list of trusted senders.
  • Automatically update and upgrade.


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